Will Driver
Will DriverWill Driver
Combat Mastery
Combat MasteryCombat Mastery
Technical Mastery
Movement Speed increases when you learn Technical Mastery. When you advance your skill in a certain level, you receive additional effects when performing skills.
Technical MasteryTechnical Mastery
Cancel - Lucky Straight Punch
Cancel - Lucky Straight PunchCancel - Lucky Straight Punch
Divine Crush
Slams a fist into the ground to deal damage to enemies.
Divine CrushDivine Crush
Extends a fist outward to deal damage to an enemy.
Cancel - Sidewind
Allows Sidewind to be used in the middle of a normal attack.
Cancel - SidewindCancel - Sidewind
Ducking Dash
The Monk crouches and slides forward.
Ducking DashDucking Dash
Cancel - Ducking Dash
Allows Ducking Dash to be used in the middle of an attack.
Cancel - Ducking DashCancel - Ducking Dash
Ducking Straight Punch
Delivers a powerful straight punch, knocking enemies back.
Ducking Straight PunchDucking Straight Punch
Ducking Body Blow
Delivers a powerful blow to the body that has a chance to stun an enemy on hit.
Ducking Body BlowDucking Body Blow
Ducking Uppercut
Charges forward to deliver an uppercut that launches an enemy into the air.
Ducking UppercutDucking Uppercut
Exquisite Combo
Throws a jab, a straight punch, and a hook in quick succession. Extended hitstun if the hook lands. Dash and Sway can be used immediately after the attack.
Exquisite ComboExquisite Combo
Cancel - Exquisite Combo
Allows Exquisite Combo to be used in the middle of a normal attack.
Cancel - Exquisite ComboCancel - Exquisite Combo
Quick Parry
Increases the Monk's evasion rate for a short duration when attacking.
Quick ParryQuick Parry
Chopping Hammer
Slides forward right after Sway and strikes the enemy in a downward motion.
Chopping HammerChopping Hammer
Sacred Counter
The Monk enters a state of prayerful contemplation. If he is attacked, he counterattacks with a sliding attack.
Sacred CounterSacred Counter
Machine Gun Jab
Performs a number of short and quick jabs to inflict significant damage on the enemy and finishes by striking the enemy in the front.
Machine Gun JabMachine Gun Jab
Cancel - Machine Gun Jab
Allows Machine Gun Jab to be used in the middle of a normal attack.
Cancel - Machine Gun JabCancel - Machine Gun Jab
The Monk slides backwards, dodging attacks.
Cancel - Sway
Allows Sway to be used in the middle of attacks.
Cancel - SwayCancel - Sway
Heavenly Combo
Throws a hook with each hand followed by a powerful straight punch.
Heavenly ComboHeavenly Combo
Twister of Judgement
The Monk performs an uppercut, which summons a twister that chases enemies and deals damage.
Twister of JudgementTwister of Judgement
Shadow Clone
Summons a shadow image that mimics the Monk's every move and attack for extra damage.
Shadow CloneShadow Clone
Double Shadow Clone
Increases the number of Shadow Clones that can be summoned at once.
Double Shadow CloneDouble Shadow Clone
Hurricane 'n' Roll
Pulls surrounding enemies towards the Monk, who delivers consecutive right and left hooks before blowing enemies away with a powerful uppercut.
Hurricane 'n' RollHurricane 'n' Roll
Dry Out
Allows the Monk to cancel a skill into another skill.
Dry OutDry Out
Big Bang Punch
Gathers strength strike an enemy with powerful punches.
Big Bang PunchBig Bang Punch
Megaton Punch
An offshoot of Machine Gun Jab that utilizes both fists and deals a explosive finisher.
Megaton PunchMegaton Punch
Violent Combo
An offshoot of Heavenly Combo that follows with 3 consecutive straight punches.
Violent ComboViolent Combo
Slow Heal
Restores a single party member's HP at slow rate.
Slow HealSlow Heal
Increases the Physical Attack Strength and Hit Rate of a selected ally. The higher the caster's vitality, the bigger the Physical Attack Strength boost.
Removes all abnormal statuses on allies in range. More advanced abnormal statues can be removed with higher levels of this skill.
Wisdom Blessing
Increases the Magic Attack Strength and Intelligence of a selected ally. The more Spirit the caster has, the more effective the skill.
Wisdom BlessingWisdom Blessing
Lucky Straight Punch
Lucky Straight PunchLucky Straight Punch
Second Uppercut
Follows the dask attack with an uppercut.
Second UppercutSecond Uppercut
Grabs an enemy and throws after smashinghim a set distance. Any enemies in front will also receive damage. Can be cancelled by pressing the attack button to immediately throw the grabbed enemy.
Cancel - Smasher
Allows Smasher to be used in the middle of a normal attack.
Cancel - SmasherCancel - Smasher
Giant Weapon Launcher
The Priest swings his giatn weapon in an arch, lanuching enemies in front of him into the air and damage all enemies caught in it. Grants Super Armor. Cannot be used if Will Driver is active.
Giant Weapon LauncherGiant Weapon Launcher
Phoenix Hammer
The priest jumps then comes crashing down with his giant weapon, creating a shockwave that knocks down enemies on impact. Cannot be used with Will Driver active.
Phoenix HammerPhoenix Hammer
Rising Emblem
Creates a Rising Emblem which deals Magic Damage and launches enemies into the air.
Rising EmblemRising Emblem
Furious Grab
Summons a demonic hand that inflicts damage on enemies that collide into it. As it grabs enemies, it gives off a chance to Immobolize them.
Furious GrabFurious Grab
Painful Rapture
Replenishes MP by consuming a fixed amount of HP. Cannot be used if current amount of HP is less than requried.
Painful RapturePainful Rapture
Cancel - Item Throw
Cancel - Item ThrowCancel - Item Throw
Ancient Memory
Ancient MemoryAncient Memory
Throw Mastery
Throw MasteryThrow Mastery
Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable SpiritIndomitable Spirit
Physical Critical Hit
Physical Critical HitPhysical Critical Hit
Physical Rear Attack
Physical Rear AttackPhysical Rear Attack
Magic Critical Hit
Magic Critical HitMagic Critical Hit
Magic Rear Attack
Magic Rear AttackMagic Rear Attack
Quick Rebound
Quick ReboundQuick Rebound
Basic Training Upgrade
Enhances the effects of Basic Training
Basic Training UpgradeBasic Training Upgrade
Slow Heal Upgrade
Boosts the Vitality and Spirit of an ally when they are under Slow Heal.
Slow Heal UpgradeSlow Heal Upgrade
Cure Upgrade
Allows allies to gain abornmal status resistance for a time.
Cure UpgradeCure Upgrade
Lucky Straight Punch Upgrade
Increases the damage on Lucky Straight Punch.
Lucky Straight Punch UpgradeLucky Straight Punch Upgrade
Phoenix Hammer Upgrade
Attack Strength for Phoenix Hammer and increases the mobility when falling.
Phoenix Hammer UpgradePhoenix Hammer Upgrade
Rising Emblem Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength and Launch height of enemies.
Rising Emblem UpgradeRising Emblem Upgrade
Furious Grab Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength of Furious Grab.
Furious Grab UpgradeFurious Grab Upgrade
Second Uppercut Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level
Second Uppercut UpgradeSecond Uppercut Upgrade
Smasher Upgrade
Increases number of hits by 3. Reduces damage by 30%. Manual throw bonus increases by 6%.
Smasher UpgradeSmasher Upgrade
Giant Weapon Launcher Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level
Giant Weapon Launcher UpgradeGiant Weapon Launcher Upgrade
Will Driver Upgrade
Increases the Aura Range of Will Driver as well as the buff effect.
Will Driver UpgradeWill Driver Upgrade
Exquisite Combo Upgrade
Increases the attack speed and attack strength of Exquisite Combo.
Exquisite Combo UpgradeExquisite Combo Upgrade
Ducking Body Blow Upgrade
Increases the attack strength and stun duration of Ducking Body Blow.
Ducking Body Blow UpgradeDucking Body Blow Upgrade
Twister of Judgement Upgrade
Gives a chance to summon 2 twisters upon cast.
Twister of Judgement UpgradeTwister of Judgement Upgrade
Ducking Straight Punch Upgrade
Increases damage by 6% per level.
Ducking Straight Punch UpgradeDucking Straight Punch Upgrade
Chopping Hammer Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Chopping Hammer UpgradeChopping Hammer Upgrade
Divine Crush Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Divine Crush UpgradeDivine Crush Upgrade
Ducking Uppercut Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Ducking Uppercut UpgradeDucking Uppercut Upgrade
Machine Gun Jab Upgrade
Increases maximum number of hits by 1 per level. Increases additional attack damage by 10% per level.
Machine Gun Jab UpgradeMachine Gun Jab Upgrade
Heavenly Combo Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Heavenly Combo UpgradeHeavenly Combo Upgrade
Hurricane 'n' Roll Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level. Increases suction speed and range by 10% per level.
Hurricane 'n' Roll UpgradeHurricane 'n' Roll Upgrade
Sacred Counter Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level. Increases damage reduction by 3% per level.
Sacred Counter UpgradeSacred Counter Upgrade
Sidewind Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level Increases x-axis range by 10% per level
Sidewind UpgradeSidewind Upgrade