Nen Master
Solar Shield
Increases light resistance and magical defense of one ally within area for a limited time.
Solar ShieldSolar Shield
Lightning Spike
Upgrades the Knee Spike Attack to the Thunder Lightning Knee Spike Attack.
Lightning SpikeLightning Spike
Cancel - Nen Shot
Allows Nen Shot to be used in the middle of a regular attack.
Cancel - Nen ShotCancel - Nen Shot
Nen Cannon
Enables Nen Shot to be charged.
Nen CannonNen Cannon
Spiral Nen
Summons small Nen fragments that surrounds the user to inflict Light damage on enemies.
Spiral NenSpiral Nen
Stimulating Breath
Increases attack and casting speeds of allies within an affected area.
Stimulating BreathStimulating Breath
Nen Guard
Form a nen barrier to protect all allies within the area. Any allies in a barrier is invincible until the barrier disappears.
Nen GuardNen Guard
Cancel - Nen Guard
Allows Nen Guard to be used within normal attacks.
Cancel - Nen GuardCancel - Nen Guard
Doppelganger Blast
Creates doppelgangers that explode on contact. Like doppelganger, they can be destroyed after an amount of damage or amount of time has passed. The number of clones that appear are shared with Doppelganger.
Doppelganger BlastDoppelganger Blast
Tiger Flash [M]
Enhances the Nen Master's normal attacks by expanding their normal attack count and charging it with light. Can be used in dash and jump attacks.
Tiger Flash [M]Tiger Flash [M]
Spiral Nen Press
Fires the user's Spiral Nen in front of him at the enemy like a boomerang.
Spiral Nen PressSpiral Nen Press
Spiral Nen Stone
Increases the spin radius of Spiral Nen for a set period of time. The spirals rotate faster but loses attack strength.
Spiral Nen StoneSpiral Nen Stone
Lion's Roar
Deals out a stunning roar.
Lion's RoarLion's Roar
Cancel - Lion's Roar
Allows Lion's Roar to be used in the middle of a normal attack.
Cancel - Lion's RoarCancel - Lion's Roar
Energy Shield
Forms an energy shield and electrocutes the enemy with multiple strikes.
Energy ShieldEnergy Shield
Cancel - Energy Shield
Allows you to use Energy Shield in the middle of a normal attack.
Cancel - Energy ShieldCancel - Energy Shield
Cancel - Spiral Nen Press
Allows you to use Spiral Nen Press in normal attacks.
Cancel - Spiral Nen PressCancel - Spiral Nen Press
Haitai Summon
Summons the mythical creature Haitai to attack the enemy. Inflicts multiple hits followed by an explosion.
Haitai SummonHaitai Summon
Nen Conduit
This ability allows the Nen Master to strike the Nen flow where it is weakest, inflicting critical damage and lowering resistance to magic in enemies. Increases Magic Critical Rate when attacking with Nen. Upon landing a critical hit, lowers the enemy's Magic Defense for a set time.
Nen ConduitNen Conduit
Lion of Suju
Summons a large Tiger made of light pouncing on multiple enemies before exploding.
Lion of SujuLion of Suju
Nen Spear
Forms a spear of Nen to stab enemies in front of the user soon followed by a small explosion. Inflicts electrocution at a set rate.
Nen SpearNen Spear
Electric Energy Sphere
Slams down crystallized Nen to form a pillar of light.
Electric Energy SphereElectric Energy Sphere
Knee Drop
Knee DropKnee Drop
Cancel - Knee Drop
Cancel - Knee DropCancel - Knee Drop
Iron Physique
Iron PhysiqueIron Physique
Seismic Punch
Seismic PunchSeismic Punch
Nen Shot
Nen ShotNen Shot
Sand Splash
Sand SplashSand Splash
Crouches to avoid any high attacks. Pressing attack key while crouching activates body slam, while pressing jump key deactivates crouching. Crouching while dashing allows user to slide. The distance of sliding varies on the level.
High Kick
High KickHigh Kick
Hammer Kick
Hammer KickHammer Kick
Cancel - Hammer Kick
Cancel - Hammer KickCancel - Hammer Kick
Low Kick
Low KickLow Kick
Tiger Chain Strike
Tiger Chain StrikeTiger Chain Strike
Air Walk
Air WalkAir Walk
Pure Walk
Pure WalkPure Walk
Tiger Roar
Increases Tiger Chain Strike's max attack.
Tiger RoarTiger Roar
Tornado Kick
Tornado KickTornado Kick
Poison Throw
Throws a poison bottle at the enemy in front. Using Upgraded Throwing allows you to create a poison area by throwing the poison bottle into the air and make it explode.
Poison ThrowPoison Throw
Hits with a lightning-fast elbow to immobilize the enemy.
Neck Snap
Neck SnapNeck Snap
Cancel - Item Throw
Cancel - Item ThrowCancel - Item Throw
Ancient Memory
Ancient MemoryAncient Memory
Throw Mastery
Throw MasteryThrow Mastery
Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable SpiritIndomitable Spirit
Physical Critical Hit
Physical Critical HitPhysical Critical Hit
Physical Rear Attack
Physical Rear AttackPhysical Rear Attack
Magic Critical Hit
Magic Critical HitMagic Critical Hit
Magic Rear Attack
Magic Rear AttackMagic Rear Attack
Quick Rebound
Quick ReboundQuick Rebound
Basic Training Upgrade
Enhances the effects of Basic Training
Basic Training UpgradeBasic Training Upgrade
Crouch Upgrade
When Crouch is activated, the Brawler becomes momentarily invincible.
Crouch UpgradeCrouch Upgrade
Knee Drop Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength for the Knee Drop and increases the range for the Shockwave Attack.
Knee Drop UpgradeKnee Drop Upgrade
Iron Physique Upgrade
Adds the Super Armor Effect that cancels enemy's Immobilizing Attack when attacked.
Iron Physique UpgradeIron Physique Upgrade
Low Kick Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength of Low Kick and increases the Enemy's Immobility Duration.
Low Kick UpgradeLow Kick Upgrade
Nen Shot Upgrade
Increases the Size and Attack Strength of Nen Shot.
Nen Shot UpgradeNen Shot Upgrade
Sand Splash Upgrade
Attack Strength and Attack Range increases for Sand Splash.
Sand Splash UpgradeSand Splash Upgrade
Seismic Punch Upgrade
Leaps higher into the air when using Seismic Punch to deal more damage.
Seismic Punch UpgradeSeismic Punch Upgrade
Tornado Kick Upgrade
Increases the hit count of the Tornado Kick.
Tornado Kick UpgradeTornado Kick Upgrade
Air Walk Upgrade [M]
Increases damage of last hit by 17% per level.
Air Walk Upgrade [M]Air Walk Upgrade [M]
Doppelganger Upgrade [M]
Increases number of Doppelgangers by 1 per level.
Doppelganger Upgrade [M]Doppelganger Upgrade [M]
Hammer Kick Upgrade [M]
Increases damage by 10% per level. Decreases push distance by 10% per level.
Hammer Kick Upgrade [M]Hammer Kick Upgrade [M]
High Kick Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level. Increases activation speed by 2% per level.
High Kick UpgradeHigh Kick Upgrade
Lightning Spike Upgrade
Increases the attack Strength and Electrocution Strength of Lightning Spike by 10% per level.
Lightning Spike UpgradeLightning Spike Upgrade
Energy Shield Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength and Electrocution Strenght of Energy Shield by 10% per level.
Energy Shield UpgradeEnergy Shield Upgrade
Tiger Flash Upgrade [M]
Increases the size of Tiger Flash by 10% per level.
Tiger Flash Upgrade [M]Tiger Flash Upgrade [M]
Doppelganger Blast Upgrade [M]
Increases damage by 12% per level. Increases explosion size by 8% per level.
Doppelganger Blast Upgrade [M]Doppelganger Blast Upgrade [M]
Lion's Roar Upgrade [M]
Increases damage by 12% per level. Increases stun level by 1 per level.
Lion's Roar Upgrade [M]Lion's Roar Upgrade [M]
Nen Guard Upgrade
Causes Nen Guard to explode on finish for 1500% damage. Increases explosion damage by 200% (additive) past level 1. Increases duration by 0.1 seconds per level.
Nen Guard UpgradeNen Guard Upgrade
Haitai Summon Upgrade
Increases number of multi-hits by 1. Increases final blast damage by 24%.
Haitai Summon UpgradeHaitai Summon Upgrade
Spiral Nen Press Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Spiral Nen Press UpgradeSpiral Nen Press Upgrade
Spiral Nen Stone Upgrade
Increases damage figures by 4% per level.
Spiral Nen Stone UpgradeSpiral Nen Stone Upgrade