Female Ran
Pan Revolver
Pan RevolverPan Revolver
Gun Guard
Gun GuardGun Guard
Fastest Gun
Fastest GunFastest Gun
Cancel - Headshot
Cancel - HeadshotCancel - Headshot
Western Fire
Western FireWestern Fire
Triple Clutch
Triple ClutchTriple Clutch
Sonic Spike
Sonic SpikeSonic Spike
Death by Revolver
Death by RevolverDeath by Revolver
Multi Headshot
Multi HeadshotMulti Headshot
Moving Shot
Moving ShotMoving Shot
Gun Dance
Haphazardly shoots your gun to attack and pull in all surrounding enemies. Your bullets inflict damages on both nearby and surrounding enemies, and will also create a sharp twister that will melee attack nearby enemies with the chance to cause bleeding. Quickly hitting the skill button while casting this skill enables you to shoot more bullets at a faster speed. Pressing the jump key cancels the skill's effect.
Gun DanceGun Dance
Death Hawk
Death HawkDeath Hawk
Veiled Cutter
Veiled CutterVeiled Cutter
Twin Gunblade
Uses the Corsair's Twin Gunblades weapon to attack enemies. While the skill is activated, the character's attack and movement speeds are increased, and super armor is granted on every attack. It changes the look of certain skills, and some skills cannot be used while the awakening is active.
Twin GunbladeTwin Gunblade
Burning Spike
Burning SpikeBurning Spike
Ultimate Multi Headshot
Ultimate Multi HeadshotUltimate Multi Headshot
Marilyn Rose
Marilyn RoseMarilyn Rose
Rising Shot
Fires a bullet that launches the target high in the air.
Rising ShotRising Shot
Cancel - Rising Shot
Cancels normal attacks to use Rising Shot right away.
Cancel - Rising ShotCancel - Rising Shot
Cancel - Topspin
Cancels normal attacks to use Topspin right away.
Cancel - TopspinCancel - Topspin
Rising Topspin
Enables you to immediately stand up and cast Topspin Kick after you are knocked down. Also enables you to cast Topspin Kick during a slide attack.
Rising TopspinRising Topspin
Slides into the enemy and creates a shockwave that damages any nearby enemies. The female gunner then jumps into the air and fires rapidly at the enemy while it is on the ground. Deals physical damage.
Cancel - Spriggan
Cancels normal attacks to use Spriggan right away.
Cancel - SprigganCancel - Spriggan
Aerial Shot
Increases strength of aerial attacks and maximum number of shots in the air. Remains in the air longer on each aerial shots for accuracy.
Aerial ShotAerial Shot
Steep Slide
Steep SlideSteep Slide
Needle Sobat
Needle SobatNeedle Sobat
Cancel - Needle Sobat
Cancels normal attacks to use Needle Sobat right away.
Cancel - Needle SobatCancel - Needle Sobat
RX-78 Land Runner
Installs an RX-78 Land Runner that follows the enemy around and explodes to inflict damage on that enemy as well as fire elemental magic damage on surround enemies. Inflicts 125% damage on Building Armor type enemies.
RX-78 Land RunnerRX-78 Land Runner
Silver Bullet
Enchant light element to 20 bullets. Each bullet deals additional light damage according to magical attack. Undead, Demon, and Spirit type monsters will receive higher additional damage
Silver BulletSilver Bullet
G-14 Buster
Throws an explosive grenade dealing fire damage. Once the skill has been used for the first time, 5 set of grenades will be loaded (6 for Female Gunners). Each grenade can be thrown by pressing the skill button again afterward.
G-14 BusterG-14 Buster
M-137 Gatling Gun
Brings out a Gatling Machine Gun and fires multiple bullets. The firing lasts for maximum of 2 seconds and shoots maximum of 14 bullets.
M-137 Gatling GunM-137 Gatling Gun
Cancel - M-137 Gatling Gun
Allows you to cancel out of a normal attack combo into M-137 Gatling Gun.
Cancel - M-137 Gatling GunCancel - M-137 Gatling Gun
M-3 Flamethrower
Fires a flamethrower. Ignores obstacles and damages every targets within the range per 0.3 second. It counts as a fire elemental attack, and lasts for 3 seconds maximum. The duration of targets being stunned last longer as the skill level goes up.
M-3 FlamethrowerM-3 Flamethrower
The user uses Jack Spike/Marilyn Rose on all enemies within range. The Gunner will lock onto one target and fire his Gatling Gun at the target while it is in the air. Should the user be attacked during Jack Spike/Marilyn Rose and super armor is activated, 30% of the maximum damage will be deducted.
Cancel - Barbeque
Cancels normal attacks to use barbeque right away.
Cancel - BarbequeCancel - Barbeque
Backup Land Runner
Allows you to summon a Land Runner by being hit, at a certain rate.
Backup Land RunnerBackup Land Runner
Freezing Bullet
Freezing BulletFreezing Bullet
Steyr AMR
Steyr AMRSteyr AMR
Cancel - Item Throw
Cancel - Item ThrowCancel - Item Throw
Ancient Memory
Ancient MemoryAncient Memory
Throw Mastery
Throw MasteryThrow Mastery
Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable SpiritIndomitable Spirit
Physical Critical Hit
Physical Critical HitPhysical Critical Hit
Physical Rear Attack
Physical Rear AttackPhysical Rear Attack
Magic Critical Hit
Magic Critical HitMagic Critical Hit
Magic Rear Attack
Magic Rear AttackMagic Rear Attack
Quick Rebound
Quick ReboundQuick Rebound
Basic Training Upgrade
Enhances the effects of Basic Training
Basic Training UpgradeBasic Training Upgrade
Spriggan Upgrade
Increases maximum number of hits by 2. Decreases damage by 15%. Decreases shock wave damage by 15%.
Spriggan UpgradeSpriggan Upgrade
Needle Sobat Upgrade
Increases knockback distance by 10% per level. Increases damage by 10% per level.
Needle Sobat UpgradeNeedle Sobat Upgrade
BBQ Upgrade
Increases maximum number of shots by 2.
BBQ UpgradeBBQ Upgrade
M-137 Gatling Gun Upgrade
Increases piercing chance by 10% per level. Increases damage by 10% per level.
M-137 Gatling Gun UpgradeM-137 Gatling Gun Upgrade
RX-78 Land Runner Upgrade
Increases explosion radius by 8% per level. Increases damage by 8% per level.
RX-78 Land Runner UpgradeRX-78 Land Runner Upgrade
Silver Bullet Upgrade
Increases maximum number of bullets by 2 per level. Increases damage by 5% per level. Increases bonus damage against undead, demons and ghost by 5% per level.
Silver Bullet UpgradeSilver Bullet Upgrade
G-14 Buster Upgrade
Grants the ability to throw 2 grenades at once. Chance increases by 15% per level.
G-14 Buster UpgradeG-14 Buster Upgrade
Marilyn Rose Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level.
Marilyn Rose UpgradeMarilyn Rose Upgrade
Rising Shot Upgrade
Increases damage and decreases delay by 10% per level.
Rising Shot UpgradeRising Shot Upgrade
Topspin Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% and activation speed by 8% per level.
Topspin UpgradeTopspin Upgrade
Gun Guard Upgrade
Gives gun guard a chance to completely block all damage from a ranged attack (does not specify a base value). Increases Chance to Block Damage by 12% Per Level.
Gun Guard UpgradeGun Guard Upgrade
Headshot Upgrade
Increases Damage by 12% Per Level. Increases Piercing Bonus by 5% Per Level.
Headshot UpgradeHeadshot Upgrade
Gun Dance Upgrade
Increases Minimum Number of Shots by 3 Per Level. Increases Maximum Number of Shots by 5 Per Level.
Gun Dance UpgradeGun Dance Upgrade
Death Hawk Upgrade
Increases stationary rotation time by 36%.
Death Hawk UpgradeDeath Hawk Upgrade
Moving Shot Upgrade
Increases move speed and number of bullets by 10% per level.
Moving Shot UpgradeMoving Shot Upgrade
Multi Headshot Upgrade
Increases attack area by 72px and attack power by 6% per level.
Multi Headshot UpgradeMulti Headshot Upgrade
Revenger Upgrade
Increases damage by 20% and gives start-up invincibility of 3 seconds.
Revenger UpgradeRevenger Upgrade
Sonic Spike Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level.
Sonic Spike UpgradeSonic Spike Upgrade