Cancel - Phoenix Hammer
Allows Phoenix Hammer to be used in the middle of a regular attack.
Cancel - Phoenix HammerCancel - Phoenix Hammer
Holy Amulet
Throws and detonates an amulet that deals damage.
Holy AmuletHoly Amulet
Cancel - Holy Amulet
Allows Holy Amulet to be used in the middle of a regular attack.
Cancel - Holy AmuletCancel - Holy Amulet
Cancel - Rising Emblem
Allows Rising Emblem to be used in the middle of a regular attack.
Cancel - Rising EmblemCancel - Rising Emblem
Massive Weapon Mastery
Massive Weapon MasteryMassive Weapon Mastery
Lurking Dragon
Allows the last hit of Giant Weapon Launcher, Crucifix Wind, and regular attacks to be charged by holding down the appropriate hotkey. Charged skills grant special effects and extra damage.
Lurking DragonLurking Dragon
Gale Smash
Charges forward at a high speed, brandishing a Giant Weapon.
Gale SmashGale Smash
Cancel - Gale Smash
Allows Gale Smash to be used in the middle of a regular attack.
Cancel - Gale SmashCancel - Gale Smash
Floor Smasher
Waves around a giant weapon and then slams the ground, dealing damage and gathering nearby enemies towards the center.
Floor SmasherFloor Smasher
Cancel - Floor Smasher
Allows Floor Smasher to be used in the middle of a regular attack.
Cancel - Floor SmasherCancel - Floor Smasher
Passion Chakra
The Exorcist evokes his inner chakra to imbue his weapon with fire damage and improve his strength, hit rate, and enemy Immobility duration. Does not stack with Frigid Chakra.
Passion ChakraPassion Chakra
Frigid Chakra
The Exorcist evokes his inner chakra to imbue his weapon with water damage and improve his intelligence and casting speed. Does not stack with Passion Chakra.
Frigid ChakraFrigid Chakra
Suppression Amulet
Summons an amulet that restricts the movement of any enemies in its radius. Decreases the Movement Speed, Jump Height, and Hit Rate of enemies in range.
Suppression AmuletSuppression Amulet
Piercing the Darkness
Swings a Charm that cuts through the darkness to deal magic damage it enemies. Charging the skill by holding down the skill hotkey allows Piercing the Darkness to deal even greater damage as well as create a magic blade that deals magic damage.
Piercing the DarknessPiercing the Darkness
Red Phoenix Amulet
Damages the enemy in front by using the Amulet that contains the power of the Red Phoenix. Explosion occurs to all enemies within the range.
Red Phoenix AmuletRed Phoenix Amulet
Star in the Sky
Grabs the enemy in front of the Exorcist with his giant weapon and launches it to an incredible height. On its way down, the enemy is struck with a super charged swing. Nearby enemies also take damage.
Star in the SkyStar in the Sky
Cancel - Star in the Sky
Allows Star in the Sky to be used in the middle of a regular attack.
Cancel - Star in the SkyCancel - Star in the Sky
Crucifix Wind
The Exorcist makes a circular motion with his giant weapon to damage enemies, then throws it forward with a lot of spin, causing it to float in the air for a set duration.
Crucifix WindCrucifix Wind
White Tiger
Summons an avatar of the White Tiger god. The White Tiger grants an aura that increases jump height and movement speed, and imbues weapons with light. If more than one is summoned, the White Tigers instead become stop points for a magic orb.
White TigerWhite Tiger
God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise
Summons the Black Tortoise god, whose aura increases the MP Recovery speed of nearby allies. The Black Tortoise can also stun an enemy by leaping on them. Enemies stunned by the Black Tortoise have lowered Magic and Physical Defense.
God of Knowledge: Black TortoiseGod of Knowledge: Black Tortoise
Chaos Hammer
Hammers the enemies in front of the Exorcist with his giant weapon. The last charged blow causes a shockwave that deals splash damage. Repeatedly press the skill hotkey to perform quicker attacks. Press the right and left arrow keys to change direction during the attack. The final blow can be canceled by pressing jump. (The skill cannot be canceled in the Arena.) Change on hit: Stun.
Chaos HammerChaos Hammer
Cancel - Chaos Hammer
Allows Chaos Hammer to be used in the middle of a regular attack.
Cancel - Chaos HammerCancel - Chaos Hammer
Lightning Amulet
Summons an amulet that calls upon lightning. This amulet drops thunderbolts at regular intervals on enemies in range, dealing Light Damage. The number of thunderbolts increases in proportion to the number of enemies in range, but only up to the skill's limit. This amulet can only be destroyed be melee attacks.
Lightning AmuletLightning Amulet
Spinning Cross
Widely swings a Giant Cross to attack surrounding enemies. Repeatedly hitting the attack key allows you to swing more rapidly. You can move using the arrow keys during the swings and cancel the skill by pressing the Jump key.
Spinning CrossSpinning Cross
Atomic Smash
Brandishes a large weapon to corner all nearby enemies into a single area, then powerfully strikes down, dealing major damages on the enemy.
Atomic SmashAtomic Smash
Shikigami Legion
Summons a legion of Shikigami spirits to deal powerful Magic Damage to enemies. Small Shikigami spirits continuously deal damage with Giant Shikigami spirits deal powerful damage at the end. The faster you press the skill hotkey, the faster the spirits deal damage.
Shikigami LegionShikigami Legion
Triggers a strength and intelligence buff when super armor is maintained for a certain period of time.
Blue Dragon Hammer
Calls upon the aura of the Blue Dragon, summoning it in the form of a giant weapon. Upon being summoned, the dragon flies around the Exorcist, inflicting damage and knocking enemies back. Can only be activated when a Chakra is active. Deals physical damage with Passion Chakra; magic damage with Frigid Chakra.
Blue Dragon HammerBlue Dragon Hammer
True Black Tortoise
Summons the Black Tortoise to create a field that ensnare the Exorcist's enemies.
True Black TortoiseTrue Black Tortoise
Oblivion Hammer
An offshoot of Oblivion Hammer that launches the enemy for the final hit.
Oblivion HammerOblivion Hammer
Slow Heal
Restores a single party member's HP at slow rate.
Slow HealSlow Heal
Increases the Physical Attack Strength and Hit Rate of a selected ally. The higher the caster's vitality, the bigger the Physical Attack Strength boost.
Removes all abnormal statuses on allies in range. More advanced abnormal statues can be removed with higher levels of this skill.
Wisdom Blessing
Increases the Magic Attack Strength and Intelligence of a selected ally. The more Spirit the caster has, the more effective the skill.
Wisdom BlessingWisdom Blessing
Lucky Straight Punch
Lucky Straight PunchLucky Straight Punch
Second Uppercut
Follows the dask attack with an uppercut.
Second UppercutSecond Uppercut
Grabs an enemy and throws after smashinghim a set distance. Any enemies in front will also receive damage. Can be cancelled by pressing the attack button to immediately throw the grabbed enemy.
Cancel - Smasher
Allows Smasher to be used in the middle of a normal attack.
Cancel - SmasherCancel - Smasher
Giant Weapon Launcher
The Priest swings his giatn weapon in an arch, lanuching enemies in front of him into the air and damage all enemies caught in it. Grants Super Armor. Cannot be used if Will Driver is active.
Giant Weapon LauncherGiant Weapon Launcher
Phoenix Hammer
The priest jumps then comes crashing down with his giant weapon, creating a shockwave that knocks down enemies on impact. Cannot be used with Will Driver active.
Phoenix HammerPhoenix Hammer
Rising Emblem
Creates a Rising Emblem which deals Magic Damage and launches enemies into the air.
Rising EmblemRising Emblem
Furious Grab
Summons a demonic hand that inflicts damage on enemies that collide into it. As it grabs enemies, it gives off a chance to Immobolize them.
Furious GrabFurious Grab
Painful Rapture
Replenishes MP by consuming a fixed amount of HP. Cannot be used if current amount of HP is less than requried.
Painful RapturePainful Rapture
Cancel - Item Throw
Cancel - Item ThrowCancel - Item Throw
Ancient Memory
Ancient MemoryAncient Memory
Throw Mastery
Throw MasteryThrow Mastery
Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable SpiritIndomitable Spirit
Physical Critical Hit
Physical Critical HitPhysical Critical Hit
Physical Rear Attack
Physical Rear AttackPhysical Rear Attack
Magic Critical Hit
Magic Critical HitMagic Critical Hit
Magic Rear Attack
Magic Rear AttackMagic Rear Attack
Quick Rebound
Quick ReboundQuick Rebound
Basic Training Upgrade
Enhances the effects of Basic Training
Basic Training UpgradeBasic Training Upgrade
Slow Heal Upgrade
Boosts the Vitality and Spirit of an ally when they are under Slow Heal.
Slow Heal UpgradeSlow Heal Upgrade
Cure Upgrade
Allows allies to gain abornmal status resistance for a time.
Cure UpgradeCure Upgrade
Lucky Straight Punch Upgrade
Increases the damage on Lucky Straight Punch.
Lucky Straight Punch UpgradeLucky Straight Punch Upgrade
Phoenix Hammer Upgrade
Attack Strength for Phoenix Hammer and increases the mobility when falling.
Phoenix Hammer UpgradePhoenix Hammer Upgrade
Rising Emblem Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength and Launch height of enemies.
Rising Emblem UpgradeRising Emblem Upgrade
Furious Grab Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength of Furious Grab.
Furious Grab UpgradeFurious Grab Upgrade
Second Uppercut Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level
Second Uppercut UpgradeSecond Uppercut Upgrade
Smasher Upgrade
Increases number of hits by 3. Reduces damage by 30%. Manual throw bonus increases by 6%.
Smasher UpgradeSmasher Upgrade
Giant Weapon Launcher Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level
Giant Weapon Launcher UpgradeGiant Weapon Launcher Upgrade
Crucifix Wind Upgrade
Increases the damage dealt by Crucifix Wind.
Crucifix Wind UpgradeCrucifix Wind Upgrade
Gale Smash Upgrade
Increases damage and stun chance of Gale Smash.
Gale Smash UpgradeGale Smash Upgrade
Spinning Cross Upgrade
Increases the number of spins.
Spinning Cross UpgradeSpinning Cross Upgrade
Holy Amulet Upgrade
Increases the damage and size of Holy Amulet,
Holy Amulet UpgradeHoly Amulet Upgrade
Suppression Amulet Upgrade
Increases the duration of Suppression Amulet and the Slowdown level.
Suppression Amulet UpgradeSuppression Amulet Upgrade
White Tiger Upgrade
Increases the damage and reduces the attack delay between each attack.
White Tiger UpgradeWhite Tiger Upgrade
Floor Smasher Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level. Increases dragging range by 5% per level.
Floor Smasher UpgradeFloor Smasher Upgrade
Piercing the Darkness Upgrade
Decreases cast time by 0.1 seconds per level. Increases damage by 12% per level.
Piercing the Darkness UpgradePiercing the Darkness Upgrade
Star in the Sky Upgrade
Decreases maximum number of hits by 2 per level. Increases damage by 12% per level.
Star in the Sky UpgradeStar in the Sky Upgrade
Red Phoenix Amulet Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Red Phoenix Amulet UpgradeRed Phoenix Amulet Upgrade
Chaos Hammer Upgrade
Increases number of hits by 1 per level. Increases attack speed by 25% per level.
Chaos Hammer UpgradeChaos Hammer Upgrade
Lightning Amulet Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level. Increases duration by 1 second per level.
Lightning Amulet UpgradeLightning Amulet Upgrade
God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise Upgrade
Increases STA of Tortoise by 10% per level. Defense debuff increases by 10% per level. Increases Speed of Tortoise by 10% per level.
God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise UpgradeGod of Knowledge: Black Tortoise Upgrade
Shikigami Legion Upgrade
Time in-between hits decreases by 12% per level. Duration decreases by 12% per level. Damage increases by 12% per level.
Shikigami Legion UpgradeShikigami Legion Upgrade
Atomic Smasher Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Atomic Smasher UpgradeAtomic Smasher Upgrade