Shortens the full charge time and increases the cast speed of all Elementalist skills.
Mobile Cast
After fully charging a chargeable skill, the Elementalist is able to move around. Releasing the key fires the skill, but getting hit cancels the skill. When moving with a charged skill, the Elementalist takes more damage.
Mobile CastMobile Cast
Fire Pillar
Summons an erupting fire pillar from underground. The fire pillar inflicts fire damage and launches enemies high into the air. You can select the fire pillar's target location by pressing the corresponding arrow key(s) while casting the skill.
Fire PillarFire Pillar
The Void
Fires a black orb that travels forward very slowly. It makes up for the lack of speed by dealing heavy damage to any enemy that comes in contact with it. Charging this skill creates a bigger and more powerful void that lasts longer. The Void is a shadow type skill.
The VoidThe Void
Ice Wall
Summons walls of ice around the Elementalist. Enemies standing in the area near the ice walls as they are summoned take damage. Enemies cannot attack through the ice walls and going near the ice walls reduces their attack and movement speed. The walls disappear after a set amount of time or after the take a certain amount of damage. Ice Walls is a water type skill.
Ice WallIce Wall
Sun Burst
The Elementalist encircles herself with a large Florae that deals light damage. The range is short but the attack speed and the fact that it attacks from all sides of the Elementalist make up for it. Charging this skill creates a more powerfull Florae. Sun Burst is a light type skill.
Sun BurstSun Burst
Elemental Mastery: Fire
The Elementalist specializes in the element of fire, increasing damage done by and reducing the MP cost of fire type skills.
Elemental Mastery: FireElemental Mastery: Fire
Elemental Mastery: Water
Enables you to specialize in employing the Water Attribute, increasing your Water Resistance and the efficency of Water Attribute skills. Also increases the Attack Strength of Water Attribute Skills, and reduces MP consumption with usage of the skill.
Elemental Mastery: WaterElemental Mastery: Water
Elemental Mastery: Shadow
Enables you to specialize in employing the Shadow Attribute, increasing your Shadow Resistance and the efficency of Shadow Attribute skills. Also increases the Attack Strength of Shadow Attribute Skills, and reduces MP consumption with usage of the skill.
Elemental Mastery: ShadowElemental Mastery: Shadow
Elemental Mastery: Light
Enables you to specialize in employing the Light Attribute, increasing your Light Resistance and the efficency of Light Attribute skills. Also increases the Attack Strength of Light Attribute Skills, and reduces MP consumption with usage of the skill.
Elemental Mastery: LightElemental Mastery: Light
Halloween Buster
Summons a giant Jack-O'-Lantern from the sky. It comes down at an angle from behind the Elementalist and deals damage to anything in its path, then causes more damage by exploding when it hits the ground. Charging this skill makes the Jack-O'-Lantern and the explosion following it bigger and more damaging. Halloween Buster is a fire type skill.
Halloween BusterHalloween Buster
Lightning Strike
Summons a mark that drops a number of thunderbolts on a targeted spot. The mark can be moved by the arrow keys, and pressing the attack key drops a thunderbolt on the currently selected spot. While targeting, you are immobile and in super armor. Mobility will be regained after dropping all the thunderbolts, or by using the Jump key to cancel targeting. Charging this skill upon its initial cast summons more powerful thunderbolts; a full charge increases the maximum number of thunderbolts and will also stun targets.
Lightning StrikeLightning Strike
Arctic Burst
Creates a pentacle ahead of you to summon an ice pillar that inflicts damage at regular intervals within the pentacle. You are immobilized while this skill is in effect, but will regain mobility after a certain number of attacks or by using the Jump key. Charging this skill increases its Attack Range; a full charge will also slow down enemies within the pentacle. Repeatedly hitting the Attack key casts the skill at a faster speed.
Arctic BurstArctic Burst
Black Hole
Creates a black hole that pulls in all surrounding enemies while inflicting continuous Shadow damage, which then explodes to inflict additional damage and knock away enemies. Charging this skill increases the black hole's gravitational speed, duration, and Attack Strength.
Black HoleBlack Hole
Elemental Focus
Improves your elemental magic proficiency; hitting an enemy with an elemental magic skill will decrease his resistance against that element. The skill, however, can decrease the enemy's elemental resistance only to a certain point below 0.
Elemental FocusElemental Focus
Astral Storm
Summons powerful crystals of each elemental attribute from outer space and inflicts damage on enemies. The crystals will be stuck in the ground for awhile after they fall, and will then explode to inflict even more damage on surrounding enemies. The power of each elemental crystal depends on the level of the elemental skill that you have learned. You can change the skill's target while casting as the elemental crystals drop until the casting is complete.
Astral StormAstral Storm
Shining Ice Fence
An electrified ice pillar arises from the ground. This pillar protects you from the ranged attacks while causing magic damages to the enemies trapped by the pillar with multi-hit. After some time passes by or after receiving some damage, the pillar breaks down and produces Shockwave causing one final damage to surrounding enemies.
Shining Ice FenceShining Ice Fence
Flame Void Volcano
Volcano rises from the ground and burst out the Flame Voids with Fire and Shadow Attributes. Between fire and shadow, gives damage with lower resistance. Blows up after certain period of time.
Flame Void VolcanoFlame Void Volcano
Florae Circle
Creates three Florae in a circle around the caster. The Florae cause light damage on enemies. Charging the skill creates larger, more damaging Florae that last longer. Florae is a light type skill.
Florae CircleFlorae Circle
Lantern Firebomb
Shoots a Jack-O'-Lantern of Fire Attributes to an area in front of you. The Jack-O'-Lantern causes a small explosion when colliding into an obstacle or enemy. Holding down the key charges the skill, and shoots a larger and more powerful Jack-O'-Lantern.
Lantern FirebombLantern Firebomb
Frosty's Head
Fires a Frosty's Head, which bounces toward the nearest enemy. It can be fired upward or downward by holding the up or down arrow key while firing. Charging this skill creates a larger, more damaging Frosty's Head that travels farther. Chance on hit: Slow, Freeze. Frosty's Head is a water type skill.
Frosty's HeadFrosty's Head
Throws Pluto, the shadow cat. Pluto is thrown a certain distance, lands, then returns, damaging enemies along the way. Charging this skill fires a larger, more powerful Pluto that travels farther and faster. Pluto is a shadow type skill.
Aerial Lantern Firebomb
Allows Lantern Firebomb to be fired midair. The projectile travels diagonally downward and pushes the caster slightly upward. Lantern Firebomb cannot be charged midair.
Aerial Lantern FirebombAerial Lantern Firebomb
Elemental Burn
Creates four orbs around the caster, each one represeting a different element type. Whenever a skill of one element type is used, that element's orb is activated and a symbol representing that element shows up above the caster's head. If a second skill is used that is of a different element, the corresponding orb is activated and the mark above the caster's head is changed to the most recently used element type. Each activated orb grants a set amount of intelligence to the caster, increasing with each orb activated.
Elemental BurnElemental Burn
Magic Festival
The Elementalist enchants herself with a buff that increases the casting speed and shortens the cooldown and full charge time of all non-physical, non-buff skills.
Magic FestivalMagic Festival
Hired Summon: Panzer Hodor
Summons an armored Hodor to fight as an ally. If the user dies, all summoned monsters belonging to that user will despawn.
Hired Summon: Panzer HodorHired Summon: Panzer Hodor
Whips an ally for buff and opponent for damage. Allies will receive only 1 damage, but increase in moving speed. Summoned monsters will be more aggressive and obtain Strength and Intelligence bonus. Opponent will receive a full damage from whipping. Buff can be given 1 time.
Weapon Uppercut
Hits an enemy with your weapon to launch it upward into the air. Pressing Up or Down Arrow key while casting this skill slides you to the side and then brings you back, attacking enemies in the way.
Weapon UppercutWeapon Uppercut
Dragon Fang
Forcefully stabs an enemy with your weapon to immobilize it for a long duration. Once this skill hits, you can cancel the Dragon Fang and use Weapon Uppercut, Palm Blast, or Full Swing.
Dragon FangDragon Fang
Mana Shield
Consumes MP instead of HP for a certain percentage of damages received from opponents. Casting it once will activate the skill. Casting it second time will cancel the skill.
Mana ShieldMana Shield
Phase Shift
Teleports the Battle Mage to a nearby spot when being hit or while knocked down. The direction of the teleport can be controlled with the arrow keys.
Phase ShiftPhase Shift
Palm Blast
Hits and pushes back the enemy, then lauches the enemy high into the air. To remain in your current spot while attacking, press the Arrow key in the opposite direction of your attack. Holding down the key charges this skill, and enables you to inflict greater damage. When this skill is fully charged, the enemy crashes into a wall at a high speed, after which the enemy ricochets into the air and receives more damage.
Palm BlastPalm Blast
Magic Missile
Fires a magic missile. The direction of missile can be adjusted slightly by pressing directional key after casting. Holding the hotkey assigned to this skill affects power when released.
Magic MissileMagic Missile
Cancel - Magic Missile
Cancels normal attack to use Magic Missile right away.
Cancel - Magic MissileCancel - Magic Missile
Cheeky Doll Shururu
Tosses the doll Shururu. Shururu taunts nearby enemies into attacking it as well as lowering their magical defense.
Cheeky Doll ShururuCheeky Doll Shururu
Ancient Library
Increases MP regeneration using knowledge of the ancients. If the user of this skill has Befriend Florae, it increases the MP Regeneration of the entire party and increases the intelligence of a selected ally as well as the Witch herself.
Ancient LibraryAncient Library
Disenchant buffed effect of nearby monsters along with their attack, moving, casting speed. Increases STR and INT briefly according to the number of disenchanted targets.
Cancel - Item Throw
Cancel - Item ThrowCancel - Item Throw
Ancient Memory
Ancient MemoryAncient Memory
Throw Mastery
Throw MasteryThrow Mastery
Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable SpiritIndomitable Spirit
Physical Critical Hit
Physical Critical HitPhysical Critical Hit
Physical Rear Attack
Physical Rear AttackPhysical Rear Attack
Magic Critical Hit
Magic Critical HitMagic Critical Hit
Magic Rear Attack
Magic Rear AttackMagic Rear Attack
Quick Rebound
Quick ReboundQuick Rebound
Basic Training Upgrade
Enhances the effects of Basic Training
Basic Training UpgradeBasic Training Upgrade
Aura Shield Upgrade
Increase damage absorption while decreasing MP lost per point of damage absorbed.
Aura Shield UpgradeAura Shield Upgrade
Florae Circle Upgrade
The smount of Florae emitted will increase depending on the level, and the Magic Attack Strength and Recharge Magic Attack Strength will decrease.
Florae Circle UpgradeFlorae Circle Upgrade
Lasher Upgrade
Grants Stat Boost and increases the Attack Strength depending on the level. Stat Boost Amount per 1 Level: 10% Attack Strength Increase Amount per 1 Level: 10%
Lasher UpgradeLasher Upgrade
Ancient Library Upgrade
Increases the duration of Ancient Library's Intelligence boost.
Ancient Library UpgradeAncient Library Upgrade
Palm Blast Upgrade
The Attack Strength and the Movement Distance of Palm Blast depending on the level.
Palm Blast UpgradePalm Blast Upgrade
Elemental Burn Upgrade
There is a chance to activate other marks when Elemental Burn mark is activates.
Elemental Burn UpgradeElemental Burn Upgrade
Panzer Hodor Upgrade
Summons a higher leveled Panzer Hodor at a set rate.
Panzer Hodor UpgradePanzer Hodor Upgrade
Cheeky Doll Shururu Upgrade
Increases Shururu's ability to decrease enemy's Magic Defense. Duration is increased as well.
Cheeky Doll Shururu UpgradeCheeky Doll Shururu Upgrade
Dragon Fang Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level. Increases activation speed by 8% per level.
Dragon Fang UpgradeDragon Fang Upgrade
Magic Missile Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level. Increases penetration by 10% per level.
Magic Missile UpgradeMagic Missile Upgrade
Pluto Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level. Increases range by 10% per level.
Pluto UpgradePluto Upgrade
Weapon Uppercut Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level. Increases activation speed by 2% per level.
Weapon Uppercut UpgradeWeapon Uppercut Upgrade
Halloween Buster Upgrade
Adds an additional falling Jack-O'-Lantern and decreases the damage.
Halloween Buster UpgradeHalloween Buster Upgrade
Void Upgrade
Creates and shoots a Giant Void at a chance. The Attack Strength of the Giant Void as well as the chance of the Giant Void creation increase based on the skill level.
Void UpgradeVoid Upgrade
Arctic Burst Upgrade
The maximum attack count of Arctic Burst increases as upgrade skill level increases and also attacks faster.
Arctic Burst UpgradeArctic Burst Upgrade
Black Hole Upgrade
Increases suction strength by 7% per level. Increases suction size by 7% per level.
Black Hole UpgradeBlack Hole Upgrade
Fire Pillar Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level. Increases size by 8% per level.
Fire Pillar UpgradeFire Pillar Upgrade
Ice Wall Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level. Decreases afterdelay by 12% per level.
Ice Wall UpgradeIce Wall Upgrade
Lightning Strike Upgrade
Reduces number of strikes by 2. Increases damage by 100%.
Lightning Strike UpgradeLightning Strike Upgrade
Sun Burst Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level. Increases size by 8% per level.
Sun Burst UpgradeSun Burst Upgrade