Cancel - Furious Grab
Cancel - Furious GrabCancel - Furious Grab
Devil Strike
Devil StrikeDevil Strike
Scythe Mastery
Scythe MasteryScythe Mastery
Shadow Render
Shadow RenderShadow Render
Cancel - Shadow Render
Cancel - Shadow RenderCancel - Shadow Render
Thunder Mine
Thunder MineThunder Mine
Cancel - Thunder Mine
Cancel - Thunder MineCancel - Thunder Mine
Spin Cutter
Spin CutterSpin Cutter
Falling Soul
Falling SoulFalling Soul
Thorn of Protection
Thorn of ProtectionThorn of Protection
Cancel - Thorn of Protection
Cancel - Thorn of ProtectionCancel - Thorn of Protection
Echoes of Nothing
Echoes of NothingEchoes of Nothing
High Speed
High SpeedHigh Speed
Cancel - High Speed
Cancel - High SpeedCancel - High Speed
Dark Authority
Dark AuthorityDark Authority
Slow Heal
Restores a single party member's HP at slow rate.
Slow HealSlow Heal
Increases the Physical Attack Strength and Hit Rate of a selected ally. The higher the caster's vitality, the bigger the Physical Attack Strength boost.
Removes all abnormal statuses on allies in range. More advanced abnormal statues can be removed with higher levels of this skill.
Wisdom Blessing
Increases the Magic Attack Strength and Intelligence of a selected ally. The more Spirit the caster has, the more effective the skill.
Wisdom BlessingWisdom Blessing
Lucky Straight Punch
Lucky Straight PunchLucky Straight Punch
Second Uppercut
Follows the dask attack with an uppercut.
Second UppercutSecond Uppercut
Grabs an enemy and throws after smashinghim a set distance. Any enemies in front will also receive damage. Can be cancelled by pressing the attack button to immediately throw the grabbed enemy.
Cancel - Smasher
Allows Smasher to be used in the middle of a normal attack.
Cancel - SmasherCancel - Smasher
Giant Weapon Launcher
The Priest swings his giatn weapon in an arch, lanuching enemies in front of him into the air and damage all enemies caught in it. Grants Super Armor. Cannot be used if Will Driver is active.
Giant Weapon LauncherGiant Weapon Launcher
Phoenix Hammer
The priest jumps then comes crashing down with his giant weapon, creating a shockwave that knocks down enemies on impact. Cannot be used with Will Driver active.
Phoenix HammerPhoenix Hammer
Rising Emblem
Creates a Rising Emblem which deals Magic Damage and launches enemies into the air.
Rising EmblemRising Emblem
Furious Grab
Summons a demonic hand that inflicts damage on enemies that collide into it. As it grabs enemies, it gives off a chance to Immobolize them.
Furious GrabFurious Grab
Painful Rapture
Replenishes MP by consuming a fixed amount of HP. Cannot be used if current amount of HP is less than requried.
Painful RapturePainful Rapture
Cancel - Item Throw
Cancel - Item ThrowCancel - Item Throw
Ancient Memory
Ancient MemoryAncient Memory
Throw Mastery
Throw MasteryThrow Mastery
Indomitable Spirit
Indomitable SpiritIndomitable Spirit
Physical Critical Hit
Physical Critical HitPhysical Critical Hit
Physical Rear Attack
Physical Rear AttackPhysical Rear Attack
Magic Critical Hit
Magic Critical HitMagic Critical Hit
Magic Rear Attack
Magic Rear AttackMagic Rear Attack
Quick Rebound
Quick ReboundQuick Rebound
Basic Training Upgrade
Enhances the effects of Basic Training
Basic Training UpgradeBasic Training Upgrade
Slow Heal Upgrade
Boosts the Vitality and Spirit of an ally when they are under Slow Heal.
Slow Heal UpgradeSlow Heal Upgrade
Cure Upgrade
Allows allies to gain abornmal status resistance for a time.
Cure UpgradeCure Upgrade
Lucky Straight Punch Upgrade
Increases the damage on Lucky Straight Punch.
Lucky Straight Punch UpgradeLucky Straight Punch Upgrade
Phoenix Hammer Upgrade
Attack Strength for Phoenix Hammer and increases the mobility when falling.
Phoenix Hammer UpgradePhoenix Hammer Upgrade
Rising Emblem Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength and Launch height of enemies.
Rising Emblem UpgradeRising Emblem Upgrade
Furious Grab Upgrade
Increases the Attack Strength of Furious Grab.
Furious Grab UpgradeFurious Grab Upgrade
Second Uppercut Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level
Second Uppercut UpgradeSecond Uppercut Upgrade
Smasher Upgrade
Increases number of hits by 3. Reduces damage by 30%. Manual throw bonus increases by 6%.
Smasher UpgradeSmasher Upgrade
Giant Weapon Launcher Upgrade
Increases damage by 10% per level
Giant Weapon Launcher UpgradeGiant Weapon Launcher Upgrade
Devil Strike Upgrade
Increases demon gauge maximum by 10 per level. Increases damage by 12% per level.
Devil Strike UpgradeDevil Strike Upgrade
Shadow Render Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Shadow Render UpgradeShadow Render Upgrade
Thunder Mine Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Thunder Mine UpgradeThunder Mine Upgrade
High Speed Upgrade
Increases damage by 12%. Decreases speed when using arrow keys in opposite direction.
High Speed UpgradeHigh Speed Upgrade
Ripper Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level. Increases final hit range by 12% per level.
Ripper UpgradeRipper Upgrade
Spin Cutter Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Spin Cutter UpgradeSpin Cutter Upgrade
Thorn of Protection Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Thorn of Protection UpgradeThorn of Protection Upgrade
Power of Darkness Upgrade
Increases damage by 12% per level.
Power of Darkness UpgradePower of Darkness Upgrade